Friday, July 1, 2011

early zines from 1998

I started drawing comics in High School, mostly during math class. Here are some pages I found from zines c. 1998. when I was 19. I believe this was from The Least You Could Do of which there were three issues (these are from #2). I no longer have copies or originals of most of that stuff, but here is what I found. The drawings are very crude, but the themes and motifs presented here would repeat themselves in my work for another ten years.

Some other "lost" stuff includes:

Three issues of a zine called Special that collected a strip I originally had published in the Long Island Voice newspaper called Drop-In.

There was also a humor strip I created around this time called Soda Jerks.

Heather Ray: Tennis Champ was a 12 page full color comic that followed the exploits of a lonely teenage tennis player.

Young and Modern was a 12 page black and white comic that I intended to pitch to YM Magazine.

There was also a mini comic I did about a boy who chases butterflies, hangs out with an old lady, and plays handball. I think I made like 3 copies of this, and I no longer have an of them, but I remember it being one of my favorite things I've done.

Anyway, if I ever find this stuff, which is unlikely, I'll continue to post it here!

Flames Going Out

Kin Platt is my favorite author. One of my earliest ambitious comics projects was to adapt his book Flames Going Out, into a comic book. This was back in 1999, I was 20, and the drawings were quite crude. I never finished this project but did end up drawing about 90 pages. Here are a few samples from that.