Friday, July 1, 2011

early zines from 1998

I started drawing comics in High School, mostly during math class. Here are some pages I found from zines c. 1998. when I was 19. I believe this was from The Least You Could Do of which there were three issues (these are from #2). I no longer have copies or originals of most of that stuff, but here is what I found. The drawings are very crude, but the themes and motifs presented here would repeat themselves in my work for another ten years.

Some other "lost" stuff includes:

Three issues of a zine called Special that collected a strip I originally had published in the Long Island Voice newspaper called Drop-In.

There was also a humor strip I created around this time called Soda Jerks.

Heather Ray: Tennis Champ was a 12 page full color comic that followed the exploits of a lonely teenage tennis player.

Young and Modern was a 12 page black and white comic that I intended to pitch to YM Magazine.

There was also a mini comic I did about a boy who chases butterflies, hangs out with an old lady, and plays handball. I think I made like 3 copies of this, and I no longer have an of them, but I remember it being one of my favorite things I've done.

Anyway, if I ever find this stuff, which is unlikely, I'll continue to post it here!

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